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We Have 25 Years Experience

We Provide a Communication Tool (Website/Mobile App) for Charity Organizations which assists community in:

Who we are

SunPlus offers a suite of market tested industry specific solutions and consulting services ranging from project portfolio management, program management,
business process automation, business intelligence, and advanced analytics to staffing and outsourcing.

What we do

We believe in turning your “IT Infrastructure into a Business Asset by optimizing its performance, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your IT needs”

At SunPlus Data Group Inc , we always tell our clients that prevention is than cure.

You would much rather get your car serviced regularly than be stranded on your way to a meeting. You would much rather pay a small monthly insurance premium than be hit by a huge bill if a medical emergency arose. Then, why would you wait for an IT disaster to strike, before realizing that you could have avoided it entirely if someone had been proactively looking at the IT health of your business.

Now, you don't need a huge IT team to manage your IT needs for you. All you need is SunPlus Data Group.

You and your employees are probably using multiple devices to communicate with vendors and customers. Your business probably has in place various software systems to enhance productivity. Your business activity keeps your IT network humming, and your IT network keeps your business humming. And what happens if there is an outage? Or if someone clicks on a malicious link in an innocuous email? Or if some hacker finds a potential vulnerability since the software systems were not updated with the latest patches?